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please see above to help offset the cost of caring for these precious souls. If you would like to donate, our babies thank you from the bottom of each of their furry tails!




Homeless Cats that will give so much LOVE for a HOME.


To Rescue and care for Abandoned and Abused Cats in our local Communities and through a Fair and Reasonable Adoption Process, Finding Them Forever Homes. We have and continue to save hundreds of animals and only with your continued support is this even possible.

Our mission is all about helping as many homeless cats in our area of College Point, Queens that we can. Billy is feeding 90+ cats a day!

Of course, our first concern is TNR.  We then set up shelters wherever we can.  We change the straw bedding every Fall so they have fresh Winter sleeping quarters.   Depending on the location, we have pallets with straw underneath which the shelters then sit on.   We cover the shelters with rugs, blankets, any kind of insulation we can come up with and then everything is covered with multiple tarps and secured with bricks to hold in place.   When we are able to we also put a feeding station under the tarp.  Now you can envision what these cats live with each day!   Hopefully, if you are a rescuer, you will also glean info for your colony.   We are in need of funds and supplies, as all rescuers are, and hope you can look deep into their eyes to see how much love they have to give. 


Oreo - Adoptable



FurryBaby - 


We have cats for adoption! They live in the outdoor colonies and are desperately looking for an indoor home to call their own!

Midnight - Adopted


After.  Adopted yay

Old Calico -Adoptable

These are just a few of our outdoor cats.  Handsome Boy and Shady are still living in the colony and looking for a foster or a permanent home.

Furry Baby


Handsome Boy

Big Silver




Adopted! With her sister! Yay Little Grey - Adoptable and SUPER FRIENDLY!


Adopted! Ash and Inky Brother sister



Meet one of our success stories: Cali!

Four years ago today Cali Rose became part of our family. She was part of the College Point Colony that Billy Muntner cared for. Billy realized Cali wasn’t moving much or eating due to the frigid cold and he thought her life was in danger. Rich and I took a chance and the rest is history! Her fur was so dirty and it took a while before you could really see the purrrfect coat she really had.  Cali is named after my special friend who I first began teaching with. She was a wonderful person who helped me every step of the way.  When I call my little gal I always think of you. ~Christine C. 

Billy's Loving Cats is looking for volunteers to help feed and care for the cats.

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Homeless Loving Cats of College Point

Please open your hearts to adopt and give them a home.

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A: College Point, NY

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